Trimox: An Antibiotic That Treats A Whole Host Of Bacterial Infections

Trimox is an antibiotic that is prescribed mainly for the treatment of a number of bacterial infections. Trimox cannot be used in the treatment of viral infections such as colds and flu. Among the numerous infections that Trimox is used to treat are infections of the bladder, infections in the ear, gonorrhea, salmonella infections and E coli infections. Trimox can also be used in combination with other drugs to treat stomach or intestinal ulcers that result from Helicobacter pylori infection. This is so as to prevent the reoccurrence of the bacteria. At other times Trimox is used before some medical surgery to prevent infections of the heart in those who have heart problems.

How Trimox Works: Trimox works by inhibiting the growth of bacterial cell walls in some kinds of bacteria. they prevent the formation of what is known as the peptidoglycan layer of the wall. With this effect Trimox will inhibit further growth of the bacteria.

Trimox Dosage: Trimox can be taken as a suspension, a chewable tablet or as a capsule. Take the dosage as recommended by your doctor. Usually Trimox is taken every eight to twelve hours. Trimox can be taken with or without food. To ensure the effectiveness of Trimox you should take it at regular intervals during the day and at the same times each day. You should also not extend or shorten the duration to which you are meant to take Trimox. Even if the symptoms improve. You can take the suspension form of Trimox by mixing it with other liquids such as water, fruit juice or baby formula. You should ensure that you chew the chewable tablet before you swallow it.

Precautions Before Taking Trimox: Before you start taking Trimox discuss with your doctor if you have conditions such as kidney infections or diseases, asthmatic, if you have had viral infections such as infectious mononucleosis, any allergic reaction or if you have had any diarrhea related to the use of antibiotics. When you have diarrhea while you are taking an antibiotic it is mostly an indicator that you are suffering from another infection. If you are intending to get pregnant discuss this with your doctor though it has not been shown to have any effect on unborn children. It has been documented that Trimox can pass through breast milk but is yet to be shown as to whether it can affect an unborn child. You should also speak to your doctor if you are taking any birth control pills. This is because the use of Trimox has been shown to limit the effectiveness of birth control medication.

Side Effects Of Trimox: Trimox rarely causes any side effects. But the following side effects may be an indication to an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the drug. These are like rashes, hives, unexplainable swelling or you may develop difficulty in breathing. At times you may get rashes that do not indicate a serious allergic reaction from the use of Trimox. So you need to consult with your doctor. Some milder side effects of taking Trimox include vaginal discharge or itching, you may also develop headaches, you may get nauseous, you may develop stomach pains or you may develop white patches inside your mouth. If these are persistent then you are advised to speak to your doctor. Some side effects of taking Trimox that may be serious are like darkened urine, vomiting, feeling nausea for a prolonged period of time, jaundice where you have yellowing of the eyes and the skin, you may be bleeding easily from bruises, you may develop sore throat or fever that is persistent, you may also begin to urinate less or not at all, you may develop diarrhea that is persistent which may be an indication of a condition known as clostridium difficile. Other side effects of taking Trimox may be seizures or black outs. You are advised to consult with your doctor if you develop any of these side effects.

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