Zimulti: A Medicine That Treats Obesity

Zimulti is a drug that was used in the treatment of obesity. It was used in between the years of 2006, when it was approved by the European Medicine Agency (EMEA), and the year 2009 when that approval was withdrawn and the use of Zimulti banned in Europe. This is after the Federal drug administration raised flags that its psychological effects were severe. Zimulti was the first drug in the class of drugs known as Cannabinoid-1(CB1 in short) Receptor Blockers to be approved. Currently the company responsible for the manufacture of Zimulti is studying some of its other uses. One is to aid smokers in quitting and another is to prevent weight gain in those who have quit smoking.

How Zimulti Works: Endocannabinoid system is a newly discovered system of the human body. Its main function is in the regulation of the body`s energy needs. It is also known to affect the body metabolizes fat and glucose as well affecting your weight. Parts of this system are receptors known as cannabinoid-1 receptors. These receptors are found in the brain, the digestive tract, the muscles and the liver. Some of these CB1 receptors located in the brain are in a region known as the mesolimbic system. These are thought to control our cravings for easy foods such as sweets. Zimulti has an ingredient known as rimonabant that attaches to these receptors. This leads to a reduction in your appetite which leads to a reduction in weight for those using the drug. Zimulti has also been shown to lead to a reduction in triglycerides or the so called bad fats in the blood while increasing HDL-cholesterol so called good fats.

Precautions Before Taking Zimulti: Zimulti should not be used by people who suffer from certain conditions. These include any condition that severely affect the kidney or the liver, if a patient has any psychiatric condition or illness, if a patient has any condition related to depression, if you are taking any antidepressant medication or if a patient is suffering from a rare hereditary condition which is a condition where the body cannot breakdown lactose. Zimulti is not recommended for use in those who rare under the age of eighteen years. Its effect and effectiveness in this age group was yet to be observed. You should also inform your doctor if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Zimulti. You may use Zimulti with caution in those who have epilepsy, those who suffer from a history of depression, or if you have had any suicidal thoughts, if you have had a stroke or a heart attack it the last half a year and/or if you have moderately lost some of your liver or kidney function.

Side Effects Of Zimulti: Side effects of using Zimulti may range from having hives, rashes or unexplained swelling or you may start to itch. Some of the side effects of Zimulti that were observed during the trial were found to be behavioral changes such as an increase in suicidal tendencies and other depression related illnesses, psychiatric changes such as anxiety, there was increased agitation in some of the patients, others had insomnia, others had panic attacks. Zimulti also lead to some getting nauseous that was at times combined with vomiting. The effect of Zimulti on pregnant women was not studied conclusively and the use of Zimulti on this group was limited. The effect of Zimulti on mothers who were breastfeeding was not studied. The use of Zimulti on this group was limited to only when the benefits of the drug outweighed the risk.

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